Peak 6210m, first ascent, Pakistan. With Nelson Neirinck and Eivind Hugaas, 2021.

Tengkangpoche (6487m), North Pillar attempt – up to 5930m with Quentin Roberts, 2019.

Mt. Hunter (4442m), Grison-Tedeschi (6, 2000m), 6th ascent with Juha Sillanpää, 2017

Denali (6194m), West Buttress, solo, 2017. 7h 50min round-trip from the Basin Camp.

Snow Leopard mountains:

  • Pik Korzhenevskaya (7105m), 2014
  • Pik Lenin (7134m), 2015/solo
  • Khan Tengri (7010m), 2015/solo

Elbrus (North route, 2012)

Kilimanjaro (Machame route, 2011)



  • Ørneeggen (N7, C1), First Ascent of the West Face of Storskiva (848m).  With Misha Mishin, 2021.
  • Finnjävel (90°, M5, R), FA of the north face of Breidtinden (1001m) main summit. With Sami Modenius, 2022
  • Not like in Helsinki (90°, M4), SW face of Grytetippen (885m). FA Knuuttila, Modenius and Loewen, 2022
  • Goulotte (90°), SW face of Barden (675m). FA Juho Knuuttila. Solo. 2022.
  • Entropi (WI5+, M6, N5, R), NW face of Blokktind (1035m). FA Juho Knuuttila and Eivind Jacobsen. 2022
  • First ascents of Arctic Circus (M6, WI6) w. Alexander Nordvall, Polar Vortex (M6/WI6) rope solo and Northern Twilight (M7, WI6) w. Joda Dolmans on the SW face of Rånkeipen. 2023
  • Minotauros, 200m (7), SE face Reka. FA Juho Knuuttila and Sara Skoglund. 2023
  • Iliad, 200m (7), SE face of Reka. FA Juho Knuuttila and Joda Dolmans. 2023
  • Rødpillaren, 225m (7+/A2), SE face of Reka. FA Juho Knuuttila, Lassi Meronen and Orlando Addis. 2023
  • Lappblad, 600m (6), NE face of Peak 1338m on Lappviktinden. Rope solo. FA Juho Knuuttila, 2023.


  • Exocet, Aguja Standhardt, 2017
  • Cara Este, Cerro Piergiorgio, 2nd ascent of the peak, 2017

Les Drus:

  • Voie Lesueur – ED2, 850m/M7

Grandes Jorasses:



Les Droites:

Mont Blanc:

  • Peuterey Integrale, solo, 2020
  • Pilier Rouge de Bruillard, Bonatti-Oggioni to the summit, 2016
  • Brenva Spur, solo, 2014

Dent Blanche, North Face Direct – TD/+, 900m

Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, Ratti-Vitali (TD+, 700m) and Pointe Gugliermina, Gervasutti-Boccalatte (TD+, 600m) link-up